Friday, September 11, 2015

The Call of The Wild and Fang

                     I chose the book The Call of the Wild and Fang because I love action in books and most of the time if there is an adventure involving an animal in it I will want to it read. The exposition of my book is about a dog named Buck who lives in the warm california life when all of the sudden he is taken to the piercing cold weather, with many other tortured K-9s.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all Small Stuff

                         This book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all Small Stuff is kind off a book about letting go of this that happened in the past or to question yourself if it will matter in the future/next year, soften your stubborn moments, do things little by little, and to think of what you have instead of what you want.

                          So far just starting the book is already making me think more of softening my stubborn moments and to think of what you have instead of what you want. The book is more of a stress reliever than a real book, but it is still good to read if your in stress sometimes like me with homework, a dog to take care off, chores, and your mother's great daycare. Although, in the end Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all Small Stuff is great!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The dentist comes in for the kill!!!

                        The orthodontist suggested Riana to wear headgear since her overbite is well, over the bottom jaw. Also before she gets the headgear and with that braces she turns twelve and on the other hand the mom and dad are asking what Riana wants for her birthday which is a nice thing to do asking your daughter what they want for her birthday. Since Riana found an open window to ask this she says that she wants......BRACES!!! Her mom doesn't really like the idea even though the dad is just going with the flow. Soon she tells her friends and here comes another question from her friends "when are you getting your headgear and braces and her ears pierced? ". She responds for the ears next week after her brace sand head and the mouth stuff the Friday thats in the book. She that she looks like a nerd she should have seen me when I had head gear!


                       Riana and her scout trop has a meeting and afterwords one of her friends Kelly takes her home and wants to race Riana, soon after she trips and breaks her two front teeth. She then goes back to the dentist layer in the chapter and finds herself wearing a " tooth brace " at night and school, but the her friends or kids at school start asking and being annoying " did you cry when you fell on your face?" and " was a lot of blood coming out when the dentist was looking at it?! ". Also Riana goes back again to the dentist which i find in a way amazing because this whole thing couldn't have happened if they were running in the middle of the street in the first place even though she would have to take that tooth brace out sooner.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


             BabyMouse's teachers announces a fund raiser to raise money for new books for the library. Winner gets a grand prize. BabyMouse sees what the prize would be in her head maybe a helicopter, a mansion, or even money. But Felecia gets in her way with campaigns logos even on buses.  BabyMouse tried to sell to everyone but people just got there first or people just wouldn't want to but cupcakes. I can't believe that BabyMouse would have that thought of the grand prize because it's just school it's not a wealthy school or anything like that it's just an average school that will give out a grand prize. I wonder if it's going to be like a cheap whistle, or something better?

BabyMouse: Cupcake Tycoon

          BabyMouse is a mouse who is competitive against a cat named Felecia. In this book BabyMouse has a goal to sell as many cupcakes as possible, but before get into that we need to know the real story of what happened. BabyMouse loves books and she decides to go to her library. As she walks in she greets her favorite librarian as usually. She found a book of her interest but couldn't get it of the book shelve so she ends up com ping it and BOOM! The book shelves tip over and triggers the sprinklers and sets the books there was no remains of a perfect dry book.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book or Movie?! (the giver)

                     What should I choose, the Giver book or movie?! I know the movie! I think that the movie is better than the book because they added a lot more action and " romance " with the older kids.

                     First reason why I like the movie more than the book is because of the action. When Jonas punches Asher in the face was awesome that was a huge change, also when they had Fiona takes an empty baby capsol and ran off with it I think that was a really good change for the books action because it started this whole chase of guys on motorcycles and that all started when Asher went to tell about his blow in the face and the capture of Fiona being released was great as we'll. I also really like how they changed the kids in stead of twelve they did sixteen year olds and the part when Jonas took the motorcycle instead of his bike and Asher becoming somewhat a bad guy when at the same time he kind of helped Jonas escape the chief elder.

                     Second reason is that they made the chief elder a very big Villain. I think this was a very good change because this also added a lot of action like for example when Asher came to the chief elder to complain about his physical harm or experience or encounter with Jonas but on the other hand in the book the chief elder was only in the book for just the very beginning but in the movie she was breathing on Jonas's back for a long time for example, holograms herself into Jonas's dwelling! Also I really liked how they had one of Jonas's friends the Giver get electric shocked by the chief elders " guards " .

                       Third reason is romance. The romance between Jonas and Fiona is great for the movie because that allows you to be pulled in and say do they like each other now that Fiona and Jonas have feelings, the always like each other?! Plus it allowed me to see older people play parts that were for twelve year olds. Also the way Fiona helped him at the nurturing center was awsome and I didn't think she can run that fast with one of those baby capsules.

                         To sum everything up the action allows the movie to have I don't know more action, then when they add the chief elder as more as a villain in going after Jonas on motorcycles and  wanting to kill Jonas after spotting him at the nurturing center, and finally the romance adds a little stuff with Fiona and Jonas.